Meet The GS Plumbing Team

With decades of plumbing experience in the Greenville area, rest assured your repair or new installation is done correctly and professionally the first time. Read more about the GS Plumbing plumbing experts below.

MikeMaster Plumber
Mike has been a loyal member of the GS Plumbing team for over twenty six years. As a carrier of a Master Plumber’s Card license, his expertise in plumbing is undoubtedly in all phases and types of service work, including installation. Mike enjoys assisting charity events at his church, and spending quality time with his wife and two children. He loves the outdoors, and prefers to spend his weekends fishing and trail riding.
LeePlumbing Technician
Lee moved here from Savannah and has over 24 years in the business, thanks to his father, so he brings valuable experience to the GS Plumbing team. Along with his time working as a plumber, Lee has also served as a voluntary fireman. During his free time you may find him hunting, fishing, spending time with his son, or maybe behind the wheel as a dirt track racer. He recently got married to Lisa and they enjoy dancing.
CodyPlumbing Technician
Cody was born and raised in Beaufort, SC and moved here in April. He likes playing video games and driving scenic roadways and highways. He dabbles in amateur photography. He has been doing plumbing service for 3 years.
AustinPlumbing Technician
Austin got into plumbing because he thought it was a good trade. He likes to hunt and fish and work on old cars. He was recently married.
ReedPlumbing Technician
I started digging ditches right out of high school and worked my way up in the trade. Been plumbing for about 7 years and love what I do. I enjoy hunting, fishing and being outdoors and all sports in my free time.